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1234Area 2-D shapes


Exercise 1

Compute the areas of the following figures. Figure II is a trapezium and figure III a kite. The arcs of the circles that bound the figures IV and V are half- and quarter circles.

Exercise 2

All corners of this regular octagon lie on a circle with radius 5 cm.

Compute the area of the white part that lies between the circle and the octagon.

Exercise 3

Somebody makes a three legged stool with a seat shaped as drawn here. This shape consists of a regular hexagon to three sides of which a segment of the circle through the corners of the hexagon has been added.

Compute both the circumference and the area of the seat.

Exercise 4

This symmetrical container is exactly half full with water. The length of the container is 2 meters. The front and the rear are perpendicular to the bottom.


What is the depth of the water in the container?


What is the area of the water surface?

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